At Errington, assessment is intertwined within teaching on a lesson by lesson basis. We assess what the children know or don’t know and then plan careful sequences of work to reinforce and then build on what a child already knows. Our plans constantly change depending on how well individuals understand the new concepts put before them, ensuring each child is making constant progress.

We use Evidence Me as a tracking and collecting app to help us collate children’s individual achievements. This is used by co-ordinators to assess their own subjects and for teachers to assess learning over a period of time to identify whether your child is where they should be, ahead of where they should be or still working towards these targets.

We have three assessment weeks each year. One at the end of the autumn term (Christmas), one at the end of the Easter term and one in the summer term. We use standardised testing to help us check and support our teacher judgements formed from using Evidence Me. We also use reading plus and accelerated reader to help us with our reading judgements.

Following the assessment period you will receive a personalised report like below:

Reception has the same report but the Development Matters 7 stages of learning are assessed instead

There will be a parents’ evening following these reports for you to discuss how your child is progressing and to share how you can help your child at home alongside our plans for the next term.

In the summer term, you will also receive the longer end of school report to celebrate all of your child’s achievements this year.

We assess your child against the assessment/ teaching strands that can be found in the curriculum section of the website. Topic knowledge mats sent home for each topic (these are also within our curriculum area of the website) these further identifies the learning that will be taught and assessed against within the topic.

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