Understanding the world is a specific area of learning. Understanding the world umbrellas a large area of learning, developing a sense of self and community, the physical world around them and the environment and technology.

Children learn to understand and develop an understanding of self and their community. They are provided with opportunities to explore their own and other cultural beliefs. We celebrate a wide range of festivals and give children the opportunities to share their own experiences and look at how others celebrate. We celebrate, Diwali, Chinese New Year and Christmas.

Opportunities are provided for the children to explore and learn about the environment around them. In Early years, we are very proud of our ever-growing allotment. The children help to plant, grow and care for a range of fruit and vegetables. Once they have grown, the children are given the opportunity to taste what they have grown- through this the children are able to develop a sense of growth and change over time. Through our topics of mini beasts and animals, the children explore how to care for living things. Our school chickens are ones that we have hatched in early years!

Opportunities to explore different technologies are provided within the provision. Technology is also taught to enhance learning and as a focus when appropriate.

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