Our vision and ethos at Errington School is one around equality of opportunity. We firmly believe that all children should be given every opportunity through every minute of each day. Continuously, we strive to provide experiences that are diverse and relevant for 21st century learners such as Forest schools, appreciation of artists from around the world alongside computation skills to allow them to manage their finances into adult life.

We think creativity with pupil voice at the core of what we do, listening to their interests so that learning is relevant and built upon throughout their encounters at Errington. Our curriculum is central to all we do, planning real hands-on experiences that brings learning alive and fosters their mind to always question to want to know more.

Peggy celebrating Chinese New Year

The whole child runs through our school from the moment you walk through the door. From mental health huddle groups, to playtime friendship stops to embracing difference – we celebrate the uniqueness of the individual and promote independence, tolerance and acceptance of all.

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