In September 2022, children will be learning about ‘Being Me in My World.’ It is the first of the jigsaw elements and looks really closely at preparing children for their new year group, setting class expectations and how children can have the most successful year within their new class.

The whole-school Learning Charter, the end product of Puzzle 1 (Being Me in My World), gives the school a process for everyone to be involved in the production or review of the school’s positive behaviour policy.

The system of ‘rewards and consequences’ in the Learning Charter is built upon the communal understanding of ‘rights and responsibilities’, as opposed to a set of rules imposed from on high. (This can also be taken to a global citizenship level by considering the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.)

Rights, responsibilities, rewards and consequences are built on the belief that each child has the right and the capacity to make his/her own choices and, in doing so, is aware of, and therefore, accepts the consequences of these. The Learning Charter should, therefore, provide a cohesive structure that empowers children and brings consistency in managing behaviour positively.

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