Hello Sarah

Over these past two days I’ve spent a good deal of time working with your colleagues in relation to several children who attend Errington Primary School. Many of the children’s presenting needs are hugely complicated and have required a good deal of unpicking to understand and provide appropriate support and intervention. I have to say that the evidence of their progress, each shared within multi-agency forums with parents at the centre of the dialogue, has been exceptional, and the quality of the work described by your team is outstanding. Parents have consistently felt heard, connected and very ably supported, and have actively participated in the planning of their child’s next steps. The creativity and efficiency that surrounds this work is evident from all staff members, who each demonstrate very considered understanding and huge amounts of experience in delivering approaches that work, without drawing attention to difference. What’s more, each of the children has shown exceptional progress across many areas of their development.

This work is bang on point, and totally illustrates all that inclusive approaches seek to achieve. At no point has a question been raised about whether your school is right for the children; rather, the focus has been on, with whom can we better connect, and how can we improve things further, here within in our local community zone?

From where I sit Sarah, this work is highly commendable. Our limited and very precious time has been utilised to the full, within extremely well-organised and well attended space, complete with devoted attention from knowledgeable and heavily-invested staff members.

As you will note, I have copied in my senior colleagues within the LA for their attention. As I don’t have all of the email addresses for those colleagues directly involved, I’m hoping that you will happily share this content more widely across your team and as appropriate. I also hope that you will perhaps take this opportunity to share with your own senior colleagues to demonstrate the impact of your own leadership and management.

I look forward to our continued partnership.

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