We pride ourselves on ensuring our children are rounded, caring and make good choices. We support them through dilemmas and decision making so that they develop a fair and just moral compass. We take time to talk to children as issues arise to guide them with consequences and actions so that they develop into adults who are responsible and care for those around them whilst standing up for what they believe in a respectful and informed way.

Children are guided to have to recognise the difference between right and wrong, fair and unfair and their readiness to apply this understanding in their own lives.

Developing logical thinkers, who can follow rules and logic
Plastic pollution – making a difference to our world
Richard Hurst from Sofia Windfarms, talking to the children about renewable energy and why it is so important

Understanding of the consequences of their behaviour and actions.

Beach clean project – we will protect our oceans
Children fundraising themselves in the community to raise money for our local food bank
Our endeavour weekly awards, children trying hard within their work and following our school rules

Interest in investigating and offering reasoned views about moral and ethical issues.

Offering views on other people’s work in a sensitive and justified manner
Offering to make a difference to our community
Hosting the town’s jubilee event enabling the whole community to come together

Ability to develop an acceptance of other people, understanding the importance of identifying and combatting discrimination.

Planting a tree in memory of another
Amey presentation, waste management – accepting that we need to make a change for our planet.
Beat the street, representatives of our whole school – outstanding role models.
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