We pride ourselves on having a bespoke and comprehensive emotional support mechanism in school that is easily accessible by all pupils. Miss Bennison (our mental health lead) alongside a range of qualified therapists support children in a timely and bespoke manner when needs arise. We encourage children to talk, through worry boxes, lunch time drop ins and through our prefect programme building relationships with our oldest and youngest children. We have a dedicated room – the yellow room, where children can go for any support or help needed.

We also have The Sanctuary which is our sensory garden in the middle of school. Children are encouraged to come here and sit and reflect if they need a minute and talk to the chickens or soak in the fresh air – they will always be supported by an adult.

Please see our mental health offer and our policy for mental health, that we are extremely proud to offer our pupils.


Friendly Fox Award

In July 2022, we introduced the ‘Friendly Fox’ award at our leavers’ assembly. This is something that our Year Six children requested to remember a much loved and missed pupil from their class. We support children’s emotional well-being through support, counselling and daily nurturing and listen to the needs of our pupils – they decided that Oliver’s friendship would be something that should always remain in our school as a reminder of him and the qualities that he shared daily. Here are the first group of children receiving this award.

Meet our Headstarters

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