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Reading Plus

Reading Plus is a wonderful electronic reading program which aims to develop lifelong readers.

It aims to develop a child’s interest, confidence and motivation. Children are hooked and engaged in reading each day. It inspires children to read a wide range of text online. This improves aspects of silent reading, fluency and stamina. The program aims to measure the amount of words per minute read by each child. Children try to improve each day, and increase the amount of words they read. It has an impact on the amount of vocabulary recognised and understood by children.

We are holding a family workshop for each year group after half term. This will allow you to try the program and ask any questions. The program is able to be used at home and we would like to send logins after the workshop event.

  • Monday 13th November at 3.30pm Year 3
  • Monday 13th November at 4pm Year 4
  • Monday 13th November at 4.30pm Year 5
  • Monday 13th November at 5pm Year 6

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