We take safety extremely seriously in all aspects. Our school ensures that everything is in place for the day to day health and safety of your child, including visits, trips and after school clubs.

We have an up to date health and safety policy on the school webpage. It contains details of what the school is responsible for, eg school trips as well as what they should do to look after your child.

Errington Primary School makes sure that children aged between 5 and 7 aren’t taught in classes of more than 30 pupils. We teach children about their own personal safety and have age appropriate lessons on issues such as road safety, internet safety, drugs and medicines, stranger danger, playing safely, dealing with conflicts and keeping each other safe.

Children in year 6 do have sessions on sexual education, delivered by school staff and nurses.

Mission & Value

Errington Primary strives to meet the needs of all children in our care. Learning to us is about ch...

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Working Together to Safeguard Children

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